J&D Embroidering was established in 1972 and I became the owner/ manager in May of 2001. The original owners started this business with the hopes of giving their customers good service, and a high quality product at a reasonable price. After being in business for over 40 years, we still hold ourselves to that same high standard. In fact, to ensure the quality of our product, we have updated our machinery with the latest state of the art equipment. Our customer service is also held in high regard. We believe that our customers should be as pleased with the service as they are with the product.

J&D Embroidering will always be moving forward in the embroidering and screen printing industry. We feel so strongly about being in the forefront of new technology that we have added it to the original mission statement.  J&D Embroidering is located in the Historic Stockhouse Building in Baltic, CT. (picture at right).

Debbie, J&D Embroidering